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Powered by AI, more specifically, Natural Language Processing, our drive-thru chatbots and retail chatbots detect specific details in customers’ questions, deliver a database query, and respond to customers’ requests in a contextual conversational format. The drive-thru chatbots cut down wait times and provide accurate order taking. The AI chatbots enable retailers to provide better customer service at scale without adding additional staff.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning concept.

Why Choose Lilis?

Immediate customer response

Provide real-time responses to the request from users

Serves multiple customers simultaneously

Leverage multi-core Linux servers to handle tasks in parallel

Staff-free interaction

Customers can use natural voice/text communication methods to talk to chatbots with no human invention

High level of accuracy

Trained with big data to improve the chatbot accuracy

Start from day one

Easily integrated, you can start using our AI chatbots immediately

Easy integration

Deployed on Alexa (Amazon Echo Show) and accessible to customers 24/7/365

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Chatbot for Grocery stores

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